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This is the box of mostly Fantasy I'm getting rid of. After a "Actually, I might be interested!" last night, I'm getting the list up. First come first serve. The First few trilogies of the Mercedes Lackey Valdemar Series are claimed, but I put everything on the list in case there's interest, and I can potentially pass them around.

Under the cut are mostly:
Forgotten Realms books (the Alias/Finder's Stone stuff is in here, I liked that series!)
Including all my Dark Elf, I decided to get these electronically instead of keeping them
the remaining Dragonlance stuff
some of the Ravenloft stuff, although the "good" ones have been claimed (Including Soth's book)
Various fantasy series, including Valdemar
A few mythology and humor items.

If you'd like the list in a better form I can email an Excel spreadsheet. Yes I'm a dork.

ETA - never mind the list is a mess when posted. Here's the Link to my Google Doc

ETA the second - I'm going to be at the Steampunk thing in Waltham tomorrow, so if you holler for books NOW, and you're there, you can have them tomorrow. My house will thank you and hey, BOOKS!

Anthony, Mark CRYPT OF THE SHADOWKING 1560765941 Forgotten Realms
Anthony, Mark Curse of the Shadowmage 786901918 Forgotten Realms-The Harpers, No 11
Anthony, Mark Kindred Spirits 1560760699 Dragonlance: The Meetings Sextet, Vol. 1
Berberick, Nancy Varian Stormblade 880385979 Dragonlance: Heroes
Budge, E. A. Wallis The Gods of the Egyptians, Vol. 1 486220559
Bunson, Matthew Angels A to Z: A Who's Who of the Heavenly Host 517885379
Ciencin, Scott THE NIGHT PARADE 156076323X Forgotten Realms Fantasy Adventure
Cook, David King Pinch 786901276 Forgotten Realms: The Nobles, Book 1
Cunningham, Elaine Daughter of the Drow 786901659 Forgotten Realms: Starlight and Shadows, Book 1
Cunningham, Elaine Elfshadow (Harpers Bk. 2) 1560761172 Bk. 1
Cunningham, Elaine Elfsong (Forgotten Realms: Songs and Swords 1560766794 The Harpers
Cunningham, Elaine Silver Shadows 786904984 Forgotten Realms: Songs and Swords, Book 13
Cunningham, Elaine Tangled Webs 786905166 Forgotten Realms: Starlight and Shadows, Book 2
Daniell, Tina Dark Heart 1560761164 Dragonlance: The Meetings Sextet, Vol. 3
Daniell, Tina The Companions 156076340X Dragonlance: The Meetings Sextet, Vol. 6
David, Peter IMZADI: STAR TREK, NEXT GENERATION 671791974 Star Trek the Next Generation
Denning, Troy The Parched Sea 1560760672 Forgotten Realms Novel : the Harpers, Book 1
Effinger, George Alec Maureen Birnbaum: Barbarian Swordsperson: The Complete Stories 1568651015
Friesner, Esther Chicks in Chainmail 671876821
Golden, Christie Vampire of the Mists 1560761555 Ravenloft Books
Golden, Christopher The Watcher's Guide, Volume 1 671024337 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Greenwood, Ed All Shadows Fled 786903023 Forgotten Realms: The Shadow of the Avatar, Book 3
Greenwood, Ed Elminster: The Making of a Mage 786902035 Forgotten Realms
Greenwood, Ed Spellfire 880385871 Forgotten Realms: Shandril's Saga, Book 1
Groening, Matt Akbar and Jeff's Guide to Life 679726802 Life in Hell Ser.
Groening, Matt Love Is Hell 394744543 Life in Hell Ser.
Groening, Matt School Is Hell 394750918 Life in Hell Series
Groening, Matt The Road to Hell: A Cartoon Book 60969504 Life in Hell Ser.
Groening, Matt Work Is Hell 394748646 Life in Hell Series
Grubb, Jeff Azure Bonds 880386126 Forgotten Realms
Happold, F. C. Mysticism: A Study and an Anthology 140205683 Pelican
Hickman, Tracy The Magic of Krynn 880384549 DragonLance Tales, Book 1
King, J. Robert Realms of the Underdark 786904879 Forgotten Realms Anthology
King, Stephen Carrie 451139798 Signet
King, Stephen Night Shift 451139771
Kirchoff, Mary Kendermore 880387548 Dragonlance: Preludes
Kirchoff, Mary Night of the Eye 1560768401 Dragonlance Defenders of Magic, Vol. 1
Kirchoff, Mary The Medusa Plague 156076905X Dragonlance Defenders of Magic, Vol. 2
Kirchoff, Mary The Seventh Sentinel 786901179 Dragonlance Defenders of Magic, Vol. 3
Kirchoff, Mary L. The Black Wing 1560766506 Dragonlance: Villains, Book 2
Knaak, Richard A. The Legend of Huma 880385480 Dragonlance: Heroes
Konstantinos Vampires: The Occult Truth 1567183808 Llewellyn truth about series
Lackey, Mercedes Four and Twenty Blackbirds A Bardic Voices Novel 671878530 Bardic Voices Series
Lackey, Mercedes The Robin and the Kestrel: Bardic Voices II 671721836 Bardic Voices Series
Lackey, Mercedes Arrow's Fall 886774004 The Heralds of Valdemar, Book 3
Lackey, Mercedes Arrow's Flight 886773776 The Heralds of Valdemar, Book 2
Lackey, Mercedes Arrows of the Queen 886773784 The Heralds of Valdemar, Book 1
Lackey, Mercedes Brightly Burning (Daw Books Collectors, No. 1150) 886778891 Valdemar
Lackey, Mercedes By the Sword 886774632 Kerowyn's Tale
Lackey, Mercedes Children of the Night: A Diana Tregarde Investigation 812521129 Diana Tregarde Investigations Series
Lackey, Mercedes Jinx High: A Diana Tregarde Investigation 812521145 Diana Tregarde Investigations Series
Lackey, Mercedes Knight of Ghosts & Shadows 671698850 Bedlam's Bard, Bk. 1
Lackey, Mercedes Magic's Pawn 886773520 The Last Herald-Mage Series, Book 1
Lackey, Mercedes Magic's Price 886774268 The Last Herald-Mage Series, Book 3
Lackey, Mercedes Magic's Promise 886774012 The Last Herald-Mage Series, Book 2
Lackey, Mercedes OATHBLOOD 156865653X Vows and Honor, Book 1
Lackey, Mercedes Oathbreakers 886774543 Vows and Honor, Book 2
Lackey, Mercedes Owlflight 886777542 Valdemar: Darian's Tale, Book 1
Lackey, Mercedes Owlknight 886779162 Valdemar: Darian's Tale, Book 3
Lackey, Mercedes Owlsight 886778034 Valdemar: Darian's Tale, Book 2
Lackey, Mercedes Storm Breaking 886777135 The Mage Storms, Book 3
Lackey, Mercedes Storm Rising 886776600 Book Two of the Mage Storms
Lackey, Mercedes Storm Warning 886776112 The Mage Storms, Book 1
Lackey, Mercedes Sword of Ice: And Other Tales of Valdemar 886777208 Daw Book Collectors
Lackey, Mercedes Take a Thief 756400082 Heralds of Valdemar Series
Lackey, Mercedes The Black Gryphon 886775779 Mage Wars
Lackey, Mercedes The Eagle & The Nightingales: Bardic Voices, Book III 671876368 Bardic Voices Series
Lackey, Mercedes The Gates of Sleep 756401011 Elemental Masters, Book 2
Lackey, Mercedes The Lark and the Wren 671720996 Bardic Voices, Book 1
Lackey, Mercedes The Oathbound 886774144 Vows and Honor, Book 1
Lackey, Mercedes The Silver Gryphon 886776848 Mage Wars Trilogy, Book 3
Lackey, Mercedes The White Gryphon 886776317 Mage Wars
Lackey, Mercedes Winds of Change 886775345 Mage Winds
Lackey, Mercedes Winds of Fate 886775167 The Mage Winds, Book 1
Lackey, Mercedes Winds of Fury 886775620 Mage Winds, Bk. 3
Lee, Tanith Black Unicorn 689315759 Dragonflight Books
Lee, Tanith Gold Unicorn 689318146 Dragonflight
Lee, Tanith Red Unicorn 312862652 Unicorn Series
Lee, Tanith The Book of the Dead 087951440X Secret Books of Paradys
Lewis, James R Angels a to Z 1578590515
Lovecraft, H. P. The Tomb and Other Tales 345302303
Lowder, James Prince of Lies 1560766263 Forgotten Realms
Lowder, James Realms of Infamy 1560769114 Forgotten Realms Anthology
Lowder, James THE RING OF WINTER 1560763302 Forgotten Realms Novels
Lucas, George Star Wars 345307356
Lucas, George The Star Wars Trilogy 345384385 Star Wars Series
Melton, J. Gordon The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead 157859071X Phenomena Series
Niles, Douglas Black Wizards 880385634 Forgotten Realms : Book 2 in the Moonshae Trilogy
Niles, Douglas CORAL KINGDOM, THE 1560763329 Forgotten Realms Fantasy Adventure
Niles, Douglas Darkwalker on Moonshae 880384514 Forgotten Realms-Moonshae Trilogy, Book 1
Niles, Douglas Darkwell 880387173 Forgotten Realms, Moonshae Trilogy, Book 3
Niles, Douglas Emperor of Ansalon 1560766808 Dragonlance Saga, Villains, Vol 3
Niles, Douglas Ironhelm: The Maztica Trilogy, Book 1 880389036 Forgotten Realms
Niles, Douglas PROPHET OF MOONSHAE 1560763191 Forgotten Realms
Niles, Douglas The Druid Queen 1560765682 Forgotten Realms, the Druidhome Trilogy, Book 3
Niles, Douglas The Kagonesti 786900911 Dragonlance Lost Histories, Vol. 1
Niles, Douglas The Kinslayer Wars 156076113X Dragonlance Elven Nations, vol.2
No Author The Empty Crown 1568653425
Novak, Kate Finder's Bane 786906588 Forgotten Realms Lost Gods
Novak, Kate MASQUERADES 786901527 Forgotten Realms
Novak, Kate SONG OF THE SAURIALS 1560760605 The Finders Stone Trilogy, Book Three
Novak, Kate The Wyvern's Spur 880389028 Finder's Stone Trilogy, Book 2
Novak, Kate Tymora's Luck 786907266 Forgotten Realms Lost Gods, Vol. 3
Porath, Ellen Steel and Stone 1560763396 Dragonlance: The Meetings Sextet, Vol. 5
Rabe, Jean Red Magic 1560761180 Forgotten Realms: The Harpers, Book 3
Rice, Anne Interview with the Vampire 345337662 Vampire Chronicles Series
Rice, Anne The Queen of the Damned 345351525 The Vampire Chronicles
Rice, Anne The Tale of the Body Thief 034538475X Vampire Chronicles
Rice, Anne The Vampire Lestat 345313860 Vampire Chronicles, Book II
Salvatore, R. A. Streams of Silver 088038672X Forgotten Realms: The Icewind Dale Trilogy, Book 2
Salvatore, R. A. The Crystal Shard 880385359 Forgotten Realms: The Icewind Dale Trilogy, Book 1
Salvatore, R. A. The Halfling's Gem 088038901X Forgotten Realms: The Icewind Dale Trilogy, Book 3
Salvatore, R. A. The Legacy 1560765291 Forgotten Realms, Legacy of the Drow
Salvatore, R.A. Homeland 880389052 Forgotten Realms
Salvatore, R.A. PASSAGE TO DAWN 786904895 Forgotten Realms, Legacy of the Drow
Salvatore, R.A. Realms of Valor 1560765577 Forgotten Realms Anthology
Salvatore, R.A. Siege of Darkness 1560768886 Forgotten Realms: The Legend of Drizzt, Book IX
Salvatore, R.A. STARLESS NIGHT 1560766530 Forgotten Realms, Legacy of the Drow
Severson, Ellen Dodg Hederick the Theocrat 1560768177 Dragonlance: Villains, Book 4
Sherman, Josepha In Celebration of Lammas Night 671877135
Siegel, Barbara Tanis, the Shadow Years (Dragonlance: Preludes) 880389133 v. 3
Stein, Kevin The Brothers Majere 880387769 Dragonlance: Preludes, Book 3
Thompson, Paul B. Darkness and Light (Dragonlance, Preludes, Vol. 1) 088038722X v. 1
Thompson, Paul B. Riverwind the Plainsman 880389095 Dragonlance: Preludes, Volume 1
Thompson, Paul B. The Qualinesti 1560761148 Dragonlance
Thomsen, Brian ONCE AROUND THE REALMS 786901195 Forgotten Realms
Ward, James E. Pool of Twilight 1560765828 Forgotten Realms Series, Book No 3
Ward, James M. Pool of Radiance 880387351 Forgotten Realms
Ward, James M. Pools of Darkness 1560763183 Forgotten Realms Fantasy Adventure
Weis, Margaret Dragons of Autumn Twilight 880381736 DragonLance Chronicles, Vol. 1
Weis, Margaret Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes 880383828 volume 2
Weis, Margaret Love and War 880385197 Dragonlance: Tales
Weis, Margaret Test of the Twins 880382678 DragonLance Legends, Vol 3
Weis, Margaret The Cataclysm 1560764309 Dragonlance Tales, Vol. II
Weis, Margaret The Dragons of Krynn 1560768304 Dragonlance
Winter, Steve Wanderlust 1560761156 Dragonlance: The Meetings Sextet, Vol. 2


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