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feels like I just got rid of books! I have more books!

A list is forthcoming, and [livejournal.com profile] le2pold gets first call on the SciFi but I have the following series to be gone through:

- Heralds of Valdemar/Mercedes Lackey Fairies stuff
- STILL with the Laurell Hamilton hardcovers, mostly later Anita Blake, but some Fairies
- Forgotten Realms books
- SOME of the Dark Elf/Drizz't Do'Urden books. I want to reread, but might just get them on my Ebook and sell the others.
- Chronicles of Krynn/Dragonlance books.
- A few Anne Rice books I kept in the first wave, that are now going. Lestat books.

There is a chance I might choose to get rid of Twilight books and Harry Potter American hardcover releases, but more than likely they are staying. Make me an offer if you have a need.

Eventually I will make my way to comics, to D&D stuff and to random books floating around. All the Star Wars stuff is gone. Also soon will be DVDs.

One big thing - my early 80's copies of the Narnia books - I was keeping them for posterity/my niece, but I seem to be missing two. I'm going to take this as an opportunity to let them go as well. If you're missing one or more and want the set, poke me. (Don't lie - if you had and loved them YOU HAVE THEM. I've already seen one exact set of what I have, kept in the same kind of reverent condition. I have no idea where the missing two are and I'm PISSED. I'm sure my sister ate it or something.)

Please pass this on. If anyone lost anything in the recent floods I'm happy to help them fill back in their collections. I'm making this a public post, so feel free to comment/forward.
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