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Dec. 2nd, 2009 02:06 pm
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it's finally dawning on me, after a big FAIL at a book list and some quick research on selling books on Amazon/, that it's just not feasible to put the effort in to sell my book collection. It's stressing me out, the shipping will make me crazy, and at a potential sale price of a penny each - might net me $100. Maybe. Which is depressing.

If you're into romance novels, or you have a friend who is, get in touch with me, either via email or comment here. I'm happy to have you over, to look through everything, take what you want. Heck I even have plastic bags for you.

Anything that doesn't go in say a week, maybe two, I'm going to schedule a collection from one of the local charities. In fact, if you have books you don't want, leave em, I'll have them taken too.

Let me know if this interests anyone. I also have a box, maybe two of Sci Fi, a few Star Wars, more Star Trek and Forgotten Realms/Dragonlance stuff that I'm going to hold out, see if one of the local bookstores will give me credit or cash for. But I'm open to giving these to someone who wants them - if you know a collector this might be a great opportunity to get things out of print.

It's just weighing me down. And Enough is Enough. So tell your friends - free books!
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